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About Alliance Media

African, Pioneering & Innovative Billboard Supplier

Alliance Media is widely recognised as the Pan-African leader in Outdoor and Airport Advertising, having the widest coverage on the African continent, and having been awarded as the best billboard company in Africa. Operating across Africa with over 25 years of experience, we have been awarded the European Union award for innovative media and the prestigious independent PMR award for “Best Outdoor Advertising Company” in multiple markets for the past ten consecutive years.

“ Over 25,000 of the most targeted and

visible billboards in Africa”

As the largest Airport Advertising concession holder on the continent, and an established outdoor media partner to Africa’s leading brands, Alliance Media has successfully worked with marketing teams and media agencies to grow, build and strengthen market share for their brands. Our strict focus on Out Of Home (OOH) media has resulted in the establishment of over 25,000 of the most targeted and visible billboard sites in Africa.


Due to our in-depth understanding of local market demographics and each country’s socio-economic landscape, we are able to select the most relevant sites that deliver impact and reach with little media wastage. Through our many offices across the African continent we are able to offer consistent international and local campaigns for your brand. We are proud to have been selected as a partner to 90% of Africa’s most valued brands.


To be seen all over Africa, contact our media team who can assist you with selecting the right outdoor media for your brand. Have a look at our artwork specifications.

The Way We Do Business

Pioneering, Entrepreneurial & Innovative Billboard Supplier

Partnership or the formation of an ‘Alliance’ is central to our business philosophy. This reflects in our approach to the key stakeholders of our business – our clients, our landlords and our team. We feel so strongly about this, that we used it in our name!

″We have engaged in the formation of long-term sustainable relationships or ‘alliances’…″

Our vision is to continue to pioneer and lead the creation of a sustainable outdoor media industry on the African continent.


The Alliance Media approach is to develop a deep understanding of our client’s business to ensure that we are able to deliver targeted and relevant campaigns.

We have engaged in the formation of long-term sustainable relationships or ‘alliances’ with private landlords, city councils, airports and other authorities. These relationships have allowed us to deliver over 25,000 targeted advertising sites on the continent.


Our ongoing training and development programs ensure that we continue to improve, empower and invest in our teams to constantly build their skills base and our brand equity. We have an eye for the continent and an ability to assist our clients in building great brands that will be seen all over Africa!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Measurable, Quantifiable & Community Driven Initiatives

As Africa’s largest Out Of Home (OOH) media company, it is our desire to contribute to the communities of the countries in which we operate. We have made it our policy to give back in a socially responsible manner.

″…it is our desire to contribute to the communities of the countries in which we operate…″

A cornerstone of our CSR policy is that all our projects are measurable and quantifiable. We contribute primarily to youth organisations and to children that have been affected by the high incidence of HIV/AIDS in Africa.


We also contribute to providing accessible water for all, as well as education and have various schools as beneficiaries of our philanthropic projects.

As a recognised and important media force, we utilise our own media in order to promote various Non-Government Organisation projects on a pro-bono basis. For more information email

Alliance Media Foundation

We are African, and all our projects are for Africa.

Our policy is to create sustainable CSR projects in the countries in which we operate. We have established the ALLIANCE MEDIA FOUNDATION, a non-profit entity that contributes to the alleviation of poverty within Africa. The premise of the foundation is the creation of long-term sustainable employment, skills transfer and income to selected underprivileged communities in Africa.


The Alliance Media Foundation’s policy is to keep our own value chain as eco-friendly as possible. We have successfully turned a programme of recycling our printed PVC materials into one of long-term sustainability. We provide the initial seed capital to communities to purchase equipment which transforms our used advertising materials into baggage items that the communities sell to third parties, and receive revenue to utilise for their own projects.


Honour & Recognition Of Our Leadership In Pioneering Outdoor Advertising In Africa

Alliance Media is proud to have been recognised by the industry on numerous occasions through a number of awards that further underscore our market leadership position in Airport and Outdoor Advertising throughout Africa. Alliances are key to our success and we see ourselves as partners to our client’s business.

European Union Awards

Alliance Media was recognised for the company’s ability to identify and implement Out Of Home (OOH) media in both premium and innovative locations. Alliance Media was awarded the European Union Medal for Premium Innovative Media.

Media Industry Awards

We have achieved the highest accolade of being voted Best Media Owner in Africa by the independent and well recognised Media Industry MOST awards.

PMR Awards

In multiple countries, Alliance Media has been recognised for the past ten consecutive years as the Best Outdoor Advertising Company. This is testament to the leadership position that we have established.


The numerous PMR accolades awarded to Alliance Media over the years are indicative of our culture, passion, energy and our deep understanding of Africa and our client’s needs.

Environmental Policy

International Best Practice & Long-term Sustainability

We are committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of our activities on the environment. As Africa’s largest outdoor advertising company, we believe that it is our duty to create sustainable benchmarks for the industry through engaging with relevant authorities in the countries in which we operate. We have conducted various impact assessments and created policies which are in line with international best practice and long-term sustainability.

The core values of our environmental policy are:

A copy of the entire policy document is available upon request. Please contact our corporate affairs department at

If believing in being proudly African and working together to grow Africa is important to you, then you have a another reason to work with Alliance Media.