The Changing Out-Of-Home Advertising Landscape in Africa

The Changing Out-Of-Home Advertising Landscape in Africa

Out-of-home or OOH advertising has long been a cornerstone of the African advertising sector. This form of advertising has become an increasingly appealing alternative for organisations trying to expand their reach on the continent and grow their sales. The conventional Out-Of-Home advertising environment, on the other hand, is changing dramatically, with new formats, technology, and tactics developing to match the changing demands of businesses and consumers.

In this blog, we will look at the growth of out-of-home advertising in Africa and the opportunities it provides for businesses, with an emphasis on digitalisation of Out-Of-Home, extended coverage and its increased effectiveness.

Digitalisation of Out-Of-Home Advertising:

With the rise of digital billboards, businesses can now reach their target audience with more engaging and dynamic content as they are more eye-catching than traditional billboards.  Increased engagement with the audience indicates that digital billboards are more effective in delivering a message or promoting a product.  At Alliance Media, we have digital billboards in the following countries: Botswana, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe with our latest having been installed in Namibia this past week.

Audi advertising on Alliance Media digital Out-of-home billboards

Expansion of Coverage:

As Out-Of-Home advertising becomes more popular in Africa, coverage is expanding across the continent. This means that businesses can reach their target audience in a growing number of locations by using a broader range of formats, such as iconic billboards, digital displays, airport ads, and street furniture. This expansion has made it easier for businesses to target specific markets and demographics. Which then allows them to tailor their advertising campaigns to the needs of their audience.As the largest Out-Of-Home media owner on the continent, Alliance Media is at the forefront of this expansion, offering businesses access to an extensive network of billboards across 23 African countries.

Jameson advertising on Alliance Media iconic Out-of-home advertising billboard

Increased Effectiveness:

The effectiveness of out-of-home advertising has increased significantly due to its ability to target specific audiences and locations. OOH advertising can be used to create brand awareness and influence purchase decisions by reaching customers when they are outside of their home and on the move.  According to a survey by Clear Channel Outdoor, 75% of adults reported noticing billboard advertising in the past month, and 66% reported that they were more likely to look up a business after seeing their advertisement on a billboard. These statistics demonstrate the potential of Out-Of-Home advertising to generate leads and drive revenue for businesses looking to expand their customer base.

Alliance Media Out-of-home advertising billboard with many cars in front

To conclude, the changing landscape of Out-Of-Home advertising in Africa has opened new frontiers for businesses to connect with their target audience. The expansion of coverage, the increasing effectiveness, and the digitalisation of OOH advertising are all contributing to a more dynamic and sophisticated OOH advertising landscape. By taking advantage of the increased effectiveness and opportunities presented by this evolving landscape, businesses can drive revenue, build brand awareness, and engage with consumers in more meaningful ways.

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